Frequently Asked Questions

Anda’s theme is art intersecting urbanism, can you share examples of topics or subject matter that an artist can discuss through their work?

Here is a short list of examples: architectural design of our buildings, socio-economic polarity, indigenous communities, public spaces, sunlight in residential spaces, transit, green spaces, environmental concerns, gentrification, bike lanes, raising a family in the city, waste management, affordable housing, size and quality of living spaces, etc. 

There is a broad spectrum included in our theme. This quote deeply resonates with why we want to discuss urbanism:

The act of making art exposes a society to itself. Art brings things to light. It illuminates what is.

~ Julia Cameron

Who selects members?

The selection committee will consist of art curators, artists, and urbanists.  

How many members are there?

Our membership is kept deliberately small, and is dependent on available space. Cohorts may range in size from 6-15 member per term.

Can I cancel or sublet my membership? 

We require a commitment to the term of the cohort.  We can discuss sublet on a case by case basis.

Can I extend my membership?

We move a lot, therefore membership will expire each term.  Re-application is required once the next space is confirmed.  

What facilities are there?

Every space is different. Our first space includes a fully functional kitchen, wifi, and large sunlit rooms. Art specific tools and supplies are the responsibility of each member. This is a 2 level facility that is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. We will assist the caffeination process -  you bring a mug, we’ve got tea and coffee.

Do I get my own space, or is it all shared space?

We have both shared and dedicated spaces. However there are a limited number of private studios. 

Can I live there?

Unfortunately our spaces are not live/work.  You cannot sleep here and need to find accommodations at your own expense.   

What hours can I access the space?

You can access this space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There may be times where the space is being used for an event, which would in most cases be open to all members.

Maybe you have more questions?  Ask us!  We are happy to chat and want to make sure you feel comfortable and excited about the space. 

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